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Ticks are a serious health threat for children, adults and pets. Lyme disease is just one of more than seven tick-borne illnesses prevalent in the East End, all of which pose the risk of serious illness.

Act now to keep your family
and pets safe!

Our highly effective treatments produce immediate results.

Mahoney Associates offers a variety of low toxicity and organic applications including permethrin yard spray and organic natural oils derived from cedar to address tick, flea and mosquito infestations.

Ticks are active any time the temperature is above freezing.

Treatment programs are customized to your landscape, its unique risks, and level of infestation to keep your family and pets safe during peak months.

Tick and deer control measures include prevention as well as treatment.

Tick nymphs and adults can transmit Lyme disease, Alpha-Gal syndrome, and other tick-borne illnesses. A single adult female tick lays thousands of eggs, so tick control measures require constant vigilance and a multi-pronged approach.

  1. IPM applications by Mahoney’s certified staff treat the grounds, turf, and shrubs on your property.
  2. Lawn mowing and prompt removal of clippings, leaf litter, brush, and landscape debris minimize tick hiding places.
  3. Installation of deer fencing prevents deer from visiting your yard and shedding ticks.
  4. Planting deer-resistant plants makes deer less likely to be attracted to your yard.

For more details about tickborne diseases and infection prevention tips, visit New York State Department of Health.

ticks and pests

ACT NOW to keep your family and pets safe!

Most tick-borne diseases are bacterial infections, so a past infection does not create immunity. A person or pet may become infected repeatedly. Children, adults, and pets who spend time in grassy and wooded environments are at an increased risk of exposure.

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